Penny Marshall flies Southwest

I was on the same Southwest flight from Oakland to Burbank with actor-director Penny Marshall on Saturday. My wife Ramie and her sister Debbie spotted her at the gate waiting area, and at first they weren’t sure it was her. She was wearing sweats and a baseball cap, pretty normal looking.

But Marshall had been attending Golden State Warriors playoff games (see her in this audio slideshow) and they played at the Arena Friday. The giveaway was the “PM” on the back of her cap. It was her.

She somehow managed to join the pre-boarding group and snagged a seat in the front row of the plane.

Marshall, who hasn’t directed a movie in several years, is going to be in a reality TV show with her co-star from “Laverne & Shirley,” Cindy Williams. The pair will play themselves and live in Marshall’s house.

You’d think most Hollywood celebrities who’ve been successful and have made a lot of money wouldn’t fly Southwest. I guess she’s just spending her money smartly like the rest of us who take Southwest.

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