Kenneth Eng arrested

Former AsianWeek columnist Kenneth Eng was arrested and jailed last week on harrassment and assault charges.

Eng allegedly approached his neighbors, a mother and daughter who were in their driveway with their pet and said, “If your dog bites me, I will kill you and your family.” He then called the mother fat and lazy and swung a hammer at her and the dog, the San Francisco Chronicle says.

Eng, a self-proclaimed Asian supremacist, was fired by AsianWeek after his column listing reasons to hate blacks raised a firestorm. After the Virginia Tech shootings, Eng also said killer Seung-Hui Cho was inspired by his writings.

Gawker has Eng’s book proposal.

Eng’s attorney wants his client to undergo a mental examination. Good idea.

This post can also be found on Hyphen magazine’s blog. 

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