Yau Man Chan doesn’t survive, Yul Kwon on CNN

Yau Man Chan
Yau-Man Chan on the final episode of Survivor: Fiji.

Yau-Man Chan, one of the favorites to win “Survivor: Fiji,” got voted out in the final episode. My colleague Chuck Barney describes the episode here. In other “Survivor” news, previous winner Yul Kwon has a gig on CNN.

Kwon will be a special correspondent reporting on stories for CNN’s “Uncovering America: The Asian American Journey” series the network is producing for Asian American Heritage Month.

The stories he’s working on and the days they air are:

May 14: The changing image of Asian American men in film and

May 15: The glass ceiling for Asian Americans in corporate

May 16: Affirmative action in education

This post is also on Hyphen magazine’s blog.

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