Adjusting to multimedia, cameras and microphones

Nick Strayer and Harry Mok conduct an interview

Nick Strayer behind the camera and Harry Mok behind the microphone last year at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View.

As someone with roots in print media, I got a kick out of this photo when I came across it on the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory website. It was taken when my University of California colleague Nick Strayer and I were videotaping interviews at the NASA Ames Research Center last May.

We were at NASA Ames and the lab’s media event held inside the world’s largest wind tunnel to show off new aerodynamic technology that will boost the fuel economy tractor-trailer trucks. The interviews we did were used in a story and video about University of California research partnerships with industry that help create jobs in the green economy. Sustainability is part of what I cover for UC Newsroom at the UC Office of the President.

Multimedia seems to be where things are headed, and I’ve had the chance to receive some training at UC Berkeley and the chance to do some work with video, audio and photography in this job. Like news media outlets, we’re taking strides toward doing more multimedia, and hopefully will do so in the future.

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