Covering the green, sustainable University of California

professor roger boulton

Professor Roger Boulton explains how rainwater stored in tanks supplies water to labs.

Here’s a roundup of some of my latest stories for the University of California website. One of my main beats is sustainability, so I’ve been writing about all the ways UC is green, saving energy and cutting costs.

Centralizing UC’s computer servers could lower costs: System-wide strategy to conserve energy and help UC reach its ambitious goals for cutting carbon emissions.

Building a green lab: Making research labs more sustainable can help UC campuses to cut energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Green crusader: A lab researcher’s campaign to reuse, recycle and reduce draws national acclaim.

Self-imposed fees support sustainability: Students at seven UC campuses charge themselves extra to support green programs.

Saving green: Energy efficiency projects save UC $21 million per year

Green advocates: Students inspire UC’s sustainability policies. Story and slide show.