Asian Americans help Clinton, McCain win

Asian American voters in California overwhelmingly threw their support to Hillary Clinton and John McCain in Tuesday’s primary, according to exit polls.

Clinton took 75 percent of the Asian American vote and McCain got 66 percent, according to MSNBC’s exit poll, in California, the biggest prize in Tuesday’s primaries.

There seemed to be a deep split on the Democratic side before Tuesday, with the 80-20 Initiative endorsing Clinton and a strong push for Asian Americans by the Obama campaign.

I don’t know how much weight 80-20 holds, but the results seem to show Clinton as the favorite. California is the one of the biggest, if not the biggest bloc of Asian American voters. It could be older voters outnumbered the younger demographic of Obama’s support.

There didn’t seem to be much buzz on the Republican side before the vote, at least not that I heard. Any Republicans out there? What’s your take?

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