Lucy Liu’s Mia dating an Asian American Man

Lucy Liu and Jack Yang

Angry Asian Man points out that Mia, Lucy Liu’s character on Cashmere Mafia, is involved romantically with an Asian American man and are even shown kissing on the show!

Actor Jack Yang plays Jason, who meets Mia on a blind date on the show. It could possibly be the first time that an Asian American man and an Asian American woman have kissed in prime-time television history.

Asian American romance is rare in part because there is hardly ever more than one Asian American character on a show, so it would be impossible for a couple to get together.

Of other recent shows I can think of, Will Yun Lee was getting some Bionic booty with a white cyborg woman on the new Bionic Woman show, Sandra Oh’s character on Grey’s Anatomy was engaged to an African American man and Grace Park’s characters on Battlestar Galactica are coupled with white men.

Like Angry Asian Man, I can’t really think of another instance of an Asian American (not from Asia like Sun and Jin from Lost) couple, and especially one kissing, on a network TV show. If anyone else can, chime in on the original post at Hyphen.

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