Ed Lee’s rise to S.F. mayor signals maturity of Asian American politics

David Chiu, Ed Lee Examiner cover

The San Francisco Examiner put David Chiu and Ed Lee on its Jan. 9 front page.

The “Asian Power” headline from the  San Francisco Examiner encapsulates what’s happening in politics for Asian Americans, especially in San Francisco, where Ed Lee is about to become the first Asian American mayor.

Lee, the city administrator, is set to be named interim mayor Tuesday if the SF Board of Supervisors votes him in as expected after a week of  political maneuvering.

David Chiu was re-elected chair of the SF Board of Supervisors on Saturday after speculation that had him at various times being named interim mayor himself or the pick to  replace SF District Attorney Kamala Harris, another Asian American who took the oath as the newly elected California attorney general last week.

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