‘Flash Forward’ Canceled by ABC

John Cho

John Cho plays FBI agent Demetri Noh in “Flash Forward.”

ABC has canceled “Flash Forward,” the sci-fi show that starred John Cho in one of the most visible television roles for an Asian American actor in recent years.

Cho played FBI agent Demetri Noh, who was part of a team that was investigating why everyone on the planet blacked out and saw visions of the future.

The high-concept show started with a bang and seemed to have promise. After a few bad episodes, I thought the show was starting to pick up. But it never caught on with many viewers, and a three-month hiatus didn’t help, so ABC canceled it.

The show was also notable for having Noh in an Asian-black interracial relationship with a character portrayed by Gabrielle Union.

At least we’ll see Cho in sequels to “Harold and Kumar” and “Star Trek,” but I’m disappointed ABC didn’t give “Flash Forward” a chance. Anybody else wishes it was renewed?

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