Hyphen Inside/Out Issue hits the streets

Mr. Hyphen

Mr. Hyphen

Mr. Hyphen Pahole Sookkasikon wants you to take a sneak peek at The Inside/Out Issue of Hyphen, with him on the cover, which is now posted on the Hyphen site.

The print edition is on its way to  subscribers and  newsstands, and the Hyphen staff is gearing up for our next issue, due out in August.

A few full articles from Inside/Out are up on the web now, including  InterrogAsian and Aly Morita’s  First Person about her late father, Pat. Photo Director Andria Lo’s  Editor’s Note talks about the great images from the magazine, and here’s a  blog I posted the other day about our new  Food section.

We’ve also got web exclusives, including tips for  picking a wok from chef Thy Tran that augments our story on the science of the wok;  an update on artist Gina Osterloh, who is featured in  Artwell; and outtakes from our  cover photoshoot.

So take a look at Hyphen’s new issue. I think you’ll like what you see. Hyphen welcomes comments or letters to the editor. Send them to editorial@hyphenmagazine.com.

A version of this post is also on the Hyphen magazine blog.