Miley Cyrus slanty-eyed photo offensive, but legal

Miley Cyrus and friends doing their best slanty.

The legal saga of the Miley Cyrus chinky-eyed photo is coming to an end. A judge has tossed alawsuit filed against Cyrus for posing in the image that’s been all over the Internet.

Lucie Kim had sued the Hannah Montana star on behalf of Asian Americans living in Los Angeles County, seeking $4 billion in damages. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Sohigian said that while the photo was offensive, it didn’t violate state law protecting citizens from discrimination by businesses.

Kim probably had little chance of winning the suit. But had the trial gone forward, think of all the Asian-bashing witnesses Cyrus could have called on her behalf: Bo Dietl, that “Chinaman” NBA announcer, Spain’s national basketball team, just to name a few. I would have been glued to CourtTV. Oh well, the law is the law.

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