Asian Americans in California support gay marriage, survey says

In a survey of likely Asian American voters in California, 57 percent said they oppose Proposition 8, which would ban gay marriage in the state.

Among a younger, urban non-immigrant crowd this result may not be so surprising but newer immigrants may be more anti-gay, as the article points out. The data are part of a broad survey that was possibly the most comprehensive national polling done among Asian Americans. Usually Asian Americans are left out of surveys because the numbers are low compared to other racial groups. The national results were released last week and California-specific numbers released today. Some highlights from the national poll:

  • The majority of Asian Americans who voted in the primary supported Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama by nearly 2 to 1, but Clinton supporters now overwhelmingly plan to vote for Obama rather than for John McCain by a 59 percent to 10 percent margin among likely voters.
  • About 80 percent of likely voters who are Asian American list the economy as one of the most important problems the nation faces, followed by the war in Iraq. On both issues, there are strongly divided opinions between Obama and McCain supporters.
  • 32 percent of all Asian Americans identify themselves as Democrats; 14 percent as Republicans; 19 percent as independents; and 35 percent as nonpartisan.
  • One-third of Asian American citizens get informed about politics from Asian-language media and 28 percent say they would use Asian-language ballot materials.

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