Sarah Gore marries Bill Lee, so what?

Al, Tipper and the happy couple.

Al Gore’s daughter, Sarah, married businessman Bill Lee over the weekend in Los Angeles. She’s the former VP’s kid, and by celebrity news standards, this event was pretty unremarkable. But, the new hubby is, at least from the pictures, Asian American.

But why does that matter? It really doesn’t, unless you’re really into Gore family trivia. Some reactions:

  • Our friend Angry Asian Man deemed it newsworthy and gave it a “whooooo.”
  • This post on Craig’s List offers a view of the nuptials using a word that rhymes with “ink.”

    I think Angry Asian Man’s elation* may be due to the perception, real or imagined, that Asian American women hookup with other races, particularly white men, more often than Asian men. Driving this perception may be people with the mindset of someone who would use words such as those that rhyme with ink, and the perceptions — real or imagined — about Asian men and women.

    Whatever the reasons, in an ideal world, none of this would matter and this post would not exist. I debated whether to do this post, and in the back of my mind I feel a little like Angry Asian Man. Then I saw the Craig’s List message, and I realized it matters to other people for very different reasons. I guess that’s why I went ahead with the post.

    *Clarification: Angry Asian Man tells me he was not as much focused on the white woman/Asian man issue as on the fact the it was Al Gore’s daughter getting married when he posted about the marriage on his blog. In any event, I think the perceptions that I talk about are out there, though using Angry’s post was not the best example. Thanks for reading, Angry.

    This post can also be found on Hyphen magazine’s blog.

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