James Guardino shows off fantasy baseball trophy

fantasy baseball

James won our Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Plus league last year, beating 2005 champ Gavin Tachibana and a strong field.

Congratulations, James, but enjoy it while you can. The bobblehead (or whatever Yahoo gives out next) is mine this season.

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  1. From a fellow J-schooler: Congrats to Mr. Guardino, whom from what I understand prevailed this year thanks to Torii Hunter’s performance.

    Also, thanks for the update on George Takei. I was saddened to see Takei, one of my heroes, made the butt of weak homophobic jokes by comics on the recent Comedy Central Shatner Roast. I was like, those people don’t know Takei…those people don’t know Takei at all!

  2. Wow, didn’t think a little “inside baseball” post aimed at the league members would get this much outside attention.

    I don’t ever recall Dean Schell referring to himself as O-Dog during my time at the J-School, though.

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