Scooby-Doo creator Iwao Takamoto dies

Iwao Takamoto, who learned about illustration in a Japanese internment camp, died Monday at 81. He was best known for creating Scooby-Doo, an animation staple for generations.

Takamoto graduated from high school when World War II began, and he and his family were sent to the Manzanar internment camp. He learned about illustration from fellow internees.

I used to watch Scooby-Doo every week when Saturday mornings were cartoon time on TV. Until I read the obits this morning, I didn’t know Takamoto was Scooby’s creator. I should have paid more attention to the credits when I was a kid.

Takamoto had a great career that spanned more than 60 years. He worked on some other animated classics, including Charlotte’s Web, Cinderella, Lady and the Tramp and The Flintstones.

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