Mineta resigning from Bush administration

Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta is leaving the Bush administration on July 7. Mineta is one of two Asian Americans and the lone Democrat serving in the president’s cabinet.

Mineta has headed the Transportation Department since President Bush took office in 2001. Mineta was also a member of former President Clinton’s adminstration as commerce secretary and was the first Asian American to hold a cabinet post.During his time at the Transportation Department, Mineta oversaw the creation of the Transportation Security Adminstration after the Sept. 11 attacks. He is the longest-serving transportation chief since the department was created in 1967.

As a congressman from San Jose, Mineta spearheaded the effort to pass the redress law for 120,000 Japanese Americans who were imprisoned during World War II.

Mineta’s had a wonderful career and done some great things for Asian Americans and all Americans.

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