South Africa’s tasty so far

So my wife Ramie has been in South Africa for the past week on a work-exchange trip to see how a affordable housing organization operates there.

Food is important to her, and she e-mailed yesterday to say, that so far, she’s tried:

Springbok carpaccio (raw slices of springbok, a beautiful graceful animal, served with oil, capers, salt and pepper, delish), kudu steak (kudu is another antelope-like animal that tastes like grass-fed beef) with mashed potatoes and wine sauce, biltong (jerky of beef or other animals), and some African fare at Wandie’s in Soweto (mashed pumpkin with sugar, spinach, meat stews, intestines, beans, and pap which is corn that is processed into a fluffy bland dish). We are targeting to try ostrich, which we’ve seen with mole sauce (you know the Mexican mole sauce).

I leave on Sunday to join her. Can’t wait to try some of the dishes.

We’ll be spending two weeks seeing Cape Town and going on a safari in and around Kruger National Park.

Depending on Internet access, I’ll try and blog while I’m there.

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