Carolla apologizes for ching-chong skit

Radio show host Adam Carolla apologized last week to the “Asian community” for a skit in January that consisted mostly of someone saying “ching chong” over and over.
There was a bit of discussion on the Hyphen blog about the skit, with many defending Carolla and others finding it offensive.

Here’s an audio clip of the apology he gave on-air last Wednesday, courtesy of our friend Angry Asian Man.

Here’s what he said if you’re computer is audio deficient:

A quick of business to take care of. An apology to the Asian community. We did a bit a few weeks back that offended many people. It was unintended to offend these people. We do a show here that is a little irreverent and sometimes we cross the line and we definitely crossed it this time. And it was not meant to offend. It did. And for that we sincerely apologize to the good people of the Asian community. So we apologize and we thank you for your support.

This posting is also on Hyphen’s blog.

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