Fix Hollywood: Learn to act, write

I rant and rave about how Hollywood disses Asian Americans. East West Players and the Asian American Theater Company are offering three programs that probably offer the best long-term solution: getting more Asian Americans involved.
For all you aspiring actors, screenwriters and playwrights:

The East West Players is participating in the ABC and The Walt Disney Studios Talent Development Scholarship Grant Program. Here’s more info from an e-mail I received:

Artists selected for the Scholarship Grant Program will receive a grant of $20,000. Organizations that submit a winning recipient will receive a $10,000 winning grant to expand or enhance a creative arts program. Selected participants will be paired with a mentor for 10 months. The program concludes with a series of workshops in Los Angeles at ABC Entertainment and The Walt Disney Studios.

ABC and The Walt Disney Studios will award the scholarships/grants through the participating organizations only. NO SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED FROM APPLICANTS DIRECTLY.

This program is an especially great opportunity for any filmmaker wanting to make a video, write a screenplay, or write a TV script. To receive an application for this program, please e-mail East West Players Literary Manager Jeff Liu at Read the application carefully, and send in all the required elements by February 24, 2006.

The Asian American Theater Company is offering and eight-week acting studio from March 7 through April 27 and an eight-week writing studio from March 4 through April 8.

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