Apology Demanded from Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla, Howard Stern’s replacement on CBS radio, is drawing complaints from Asian American organizations for “ching chong” sound clips on his show in a segment making fun of the Asian Excellence Awards.

I’ve said before that there’s a fine line between what’s offensive and funny when it comes to racial or ethnic humor. I think most reasonable people would agree that this lands on the offensive side. And would he get away with this if he did something similar with another racial group, say African Americans?

Here is the Adam Corolla clip with the “Ching Chongs” and the Asian Excellence Awards

Here’s a news brief about it on United Press International.

Click here to read the letter from Karen Narasaki of the Asian American Justice Center.

And click here to read the letter sent by Asian American Journalists Association President Esther Wu to CBS.

Contact information for the show:

Adam Carolla: adam@adamcarolla.com
Dave Dameshek: dave@adamcarolla.com
Rachel Perry: rachel@adamcarolla.com
Ozzie Castillo: ozzie@adamcarolla.com

1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Joel Hollander
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CBS Radio

Dana L. McClintock
Senior Vice President, CBS Communications Group

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