Belated New Year’s greetings

Happy New Year wishes from Ramie and I. If we didn’t do a good job of keeping in touch with you in 2005, we’re making it our resolution to do so in 2006.
Last year began with some big changes for Harry. He started a new job in January at the as a producer, helping to maintain the site and to select the stories for the homepage. Traffic to the site is highest in the morning, so Harry often works early hours, starting at 6 a.m. on some days, but he’s able to work from home on those days, which has been nice. He is also still contributing to Hyphen magazine and dabbling in fiction.

Ramie finished up a 180-unit affordable housing development for families in Carlsbad, near San Diego, for Mercy Housing. She began work on two high-rise apartment buildings — one for seniors and one for families — in San Francisco right behind her office at 10th and Mission streets.

In March, Ramie is going to South Africa as part of an exchange program with Johannesburg Housing Company. Harry plans to join her for the last two weeks of the month for some sightseeing in Cape Town and other places.

Harry has started 2006 by changing his Web site and adding this blog. If you’ve visited in the past, you probably looked at our wedding and honeymoon photos from 2004. Harry will post them again as soon as he figures out how this blogging software works.

We’re still living in the fog of the Outer Sunset. We’re done with fixing things up, if you haven’t come by, you’ve got an open invitation. Just let us know. Check back at this site for more news and musings about what’s going on in our lives.

In the meantime, enjoy this coupon for $5 movies Monday through Thursday at Sony Metreon in San Francisco or any other Loews theater during January (Metreon is the only Loews in California).

4 Replies to “Belated New Year’s greetings”

  1. Harry,

    Happy new year to you, too. Love this blog! Nice design, everything. Will check it regularly. Make sure you blog from South Africa — with pictures! 🙂

  2. Harry, I like you how you scheduled your part of the South Africa trip right before the baseball season. Sounds fantastic for both of you. Happy New Year!

  3. Harry and Ramie — LOVE the blog!
    Have fun in South Africa; it sounds really cool.
    Hope to invite you and Ramie over next time I’m in East Bay.
    (Please note the new email address — I’m on gmail thanks to Gavin.)

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