San Francisco Giants tickets for sale

I’m part of a San Francisco Giants season-ticket partnership with three people, and two of us don’t live in Northern California, so there are plenty of tickets we can’t use that we must sell, hopefully to you.

The tickets are for View Box 313, row A, seats 10-11. These seats are in the front row of the upper deck behind home plate and have great views of the action on the field.

Contact me if you would like to buy tickets or if you have any questions.

Here is what is for sale:

DateTimeAgainst$ for 2 tixGiveaway/note
Fri, June 256:45 p.m.A’s$70SOLD
Tue, July 66:45 p.m.Cardinals$60
Wed, July 76:45 p.m.Cardinals$60SOLD
Fri, July 96:45 p.m.Nationals$70
Sun, July 111:05 p.m.Nationals$100’10 WS raglan shirt
Fri, July 236:45 p.m.Pirates$70
Sun, July 251:05 p.m.Pirates$100Cueto pin for kids
Tue, July 276:45 p.m.Dodgers$80
Fri, July 306:45 p.m.Astros$70
Sun, Aug 11:05 p.m. Astros$100Baseball card
Tue, Aug 106:45 p.m.D-backs$60
Wed, Aug 116:45 p.mD-backs$60
Thu, Aug 126:45 p.m.Rockies$60
Fri, Aug 136:45 p.m.Rockies$70
Sat, Aug 146:05 p.m. Rockes $100
Mon, Aug 166:45 p.m.Mets$60
Tues, Aug 176:45 p.m.Mets$60
Wed, Aug 1812:45 p.m.Mets$60SOLD
Mon, Aug 306:45 p.m.Brewers$60
Tues, Aug 316:45 p.m.Brewers$60
Wed, Sept 16:45 p.m.Brewers$60
Mon, Sept 136:45 p.m.Padres$60
Tues, Sept 146:45 p.m.Padres$60
Wed, Sept 156:45 p.m.Padres$60
Fri, Sept 17 6:45 p.m.Braves$70
Sat, Sept 186:05 p.m.Braves$100
Tues, Sept 286:45 p.mD-backs$60
Wed, Sept 296:45 p.m.D-backs$60
Thu, Sept 306:45 p.m.D-backs$60
Fri, Oct 16:45 p.m.Padres$70
Updated June 11